Scarlet Ranch Denver Colorado Sex Club Reviews

We received this review from a couple traveling in from Omaha:

Just a warning for any of you younger swingers out there!


Jules and I just returned from a weekend in Denver and we feel lucky to have salvaged our weekend.


We had been looking forward to our trip to Colorado for a ski weekend with a little bonus at a local swing club since we like to show off a little. We belong to a website LL and have been watching this club promote all of these wonderful parties. We signed up and looked forward to a wildly erotic weekend.


What a scam! Sugar House is not a swingers club. It is a local Denver bar in a really bad neighborhood. Nothing more! We felt so scammed. We had talked to the owner on the phone and everything he said was untrue.


We were just about to leave this place, when another couple from a nearby town, told us they had heard of a real swingers club (Scarlet Ranch, in downtown Denver, so we followed them there expecting nothing more then the dump we left.


All we can say is WOW!!!!!!!


OK, we are really pretty shy, but Scarlet Ranch was the best club we have ever been to and it was an amazing night. Umm…we are still speechless and really wanted to just warn you of the scam we fell for with the bar, but for anyone heading west…….check out Scarlet Ranch.


We do not work for anyone, nor do we have any interest other then feeling like the posts on LL are all fake.


If you make it to Denver, make sure to say hi to the owners of Scarlet Ranch from Annie & the Gun! They will remember us 🙂


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